Advertising Rates for The Magic Word Podcast

Thank you for considering advertising on The Magic Word Podcast. The cost for being a sponsor are as follows:

Per podcast - $50.00

Four podcasts - $175.00 ($43.75 per podcast)

12 podcasts - $450.00 ($37.50 per podcast)

Six months (26 podcasts) - $910.00 ($35.00 per podcast)

One year (52 podcasts) - $1,600 ($30.77 per podcast)

Advertising would consist of recording and embedding a message at the front and end of the podcast. If you provide me with copy or at least an outline of what you want said, then I can record the commercial to include your message. If you would like to be on the podcast yourself to record a short commercial message with your voice, then we could do that for a small additional charge.* We could even record a short chat together talking about your product/service.

If we record a few of them, then I could intersperse them over the weeks for a little diversity and so the commercials don’t all sound alike. I think that keeps people invested in listening to the podcast and helps with giving more exposure to you and your company/product/service. And by recording short messages, it keeps ads fresh and current with whatever you want to advertise or talk about (i.e. one week we can talk about the service, another we can talk about how people can apply for your service, another week on what people can expect by using your service, another week perhaps some testimonials, another week you can talk about sign-up specials, etc.)

In addition to the commercials which will be embedded in the podcasts (and forever available for anyone in the future who downloads from the archives), I will also post a banner ad on the website with a link to your website. I will need a JPG image of your preferred banner ad

If you are considering advertising on The Magic Word Podcast (or on any other podcast for that matter), then we suggest that you read the blog at which should convince you why should advertise. Although this was written for the European market, remember that podcasts reach a worldwide audience.

Magic Convention Guide

There is no charge for listing your convention on The Magic Word website. Please notify us when your convention has a website so we can list it. If you would like to record a short recording (10-15 minutes) to embed on the page, the one-time charge will be $50.00 U.S. We can record this together over the phone (via Skype) or you can provide us with the content in an MP3 format. We will also post a banner ad for your convention on the page. Both will remain on the site until your event has concluded.

For more information, please contact Scott Wells at

* Cost depends upon how many recordings are expected to be made (one time, each week, etc.) and the time it takes to record the additional messages.

Effective from September 1, 2017