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Thank you for your support. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for your support. Every little bit helps.

I am indebted to all of those who have chatted with me on these podcasts over the years and to all of you who listen, read and watch my offerings. But in particular, I am thankful for those special individuals who have generously provided financial donations to The Magic Word (TMW). These funds go towards offsetting the cost of website hosting for TMW, microphones, software, and late night scotch while I am preparing these podcasts. :) 

I am sincerely grateful to those gracious benefactors who recognize and appreciate the time, work, effort and late-night hours that go into producing every posting. These podcasts are free to all and prepared with the intent of furthering our craft and exploring its many facets. It is a way of introducing you to those who at the epicenter of our craft, the movers, shakers and creators who give texture to the rich tapestry that is our heritage. These podcasts hopefully give a glimpse into what makes a good entertainer and move them from a beginner to a full-time professional and moving from average to memorable.

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