Paul Harris Presents Quantum Angel by Paul Harris

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Quantum Angel.png

Paul Harris Presents Quantum Angel by Paul Harris


25 small gold notes included +Additional supplies provided which can create 75 more gold notes.  Total = 100 gold notes included

An easy magical way to review a customized message.

REAL LIVE time prediction of any name or initial.

NO preshow/preset.  The name/initials that appear on the note in the tiny angel envelope is the same name/initials that the spectator mentioned a moment ago!

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Automatic super short cut version available for kid show performers, etc. ....just preset the mini envelope with a Happy Birthday message or a funny fortune, then bring out the cards and riffle to produce the message.  Message can also tell them where a secret gift or prize is hidden. 

Short cut version works well for walk around or any performers who have to hit a lot of people in a short time with a fun and easy effect.