Lotto Fever 2.0 - PDF Download

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Lotto Fever 2.0.jpg

Lotto Fever 2.0 - PDF Download


Imagine being able to predict six random numbers selected by six random volunteers in this Lotto themed routine that packs flat and plays HUGE!  Jamie Salinas has developed a presentation that is logical, practical and can be performed at the head of a dinner table to the largest of theaters. This jaw dropping demonstration requires no batteries, no electronics and is designed for the solo performer.

Each aspect is fully detailed with instructions, patter and video to teach you this diabolical deception.  Nothing has been left out.  Lotto Fever 2.0 is taken straight from Jamie's shows and has been perfected with years of experience.

This new version includes the original manuscript in PDF format that works in all countries and languages as well as that extra "something" that Jamie has created to make the routine even better and more deceptive.  This version works in all states in the US and English speaking countries.  For non-English speaking countries, you can still perform the original version or customize the extra "something" for your country as Jamie includes some of the items to get you started.  he has held nothing back, you get it all!


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"A routine like this is worth Thousands of dollars.  At this price, this is a steal and will always work!" - Banachek
"Just finished to watch the DVD, brilliant!  This should be sold for a LOT more, all the new nuances and tips makes of this a full act.  Great job Jamie!" - Luca Volpe
"Jamie showed me this at MindVention.  It's brilliant.  The effect, the routine and the handling are, in this case, worth FAR more than the price." - Bob Cassidy
"Jamie has released a beautifully simple and deceptive Lottery effect that will work just as well in parlour as it would on a large stage." - Paul Stockman
"I absolutely love your justification for not being able to predict lottery numbers. Great thinking my friend!" - Cody Fisher
"You have created an extremely usable and strongly constructed routine that builds on its strengths as it goes. In short, I LOVE IT!" - Fred Becker
"I was lucky enough to get the routine before it was released and liked it instantly! It's simple, powerful and anybody can relate to its theme. Good job and nice performance!" - Cervier
"It's the best Lotto effect I've seen for not having any electronics to rely on, no assistant and 100% accurate." - Taterini
"Great thinking, Jamie! It is worth far more than the price you are charging. Thanks for releasing this new version to us." - Jocko