Restaurant Magic Business - Audio CD

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Restaurant Magic Business - Audio CD


Over three hours of audio instruction on how to find a restaurant in your area and book it!

  • Finding the right restaurant
  • Negotiating with Management
  • How much to charge
  • Contracts
  • Approaching the table
  • Trick Selection
  • Working at their table of yours
  • Tips on TIPS
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Hygiene and manners
  • Additional thoughts
  • References

This also includes

  • Contract for one magician
  • Contract for two magicians
  • Contract for two or more magicians
  • Contract for Contractor
  • Lecture Notes outline
  • Restaurant magic references for further study
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This is a CD that includes all the information you need to get booked performing magic in a restaurant. If you prefer to receive an MP3 file of the information, then please click on the other product indicating the "Digital Download".

Price includes domestic shipping. If you wish to receive a CD mailed to you to destinations outside the U.S., then foreign postage will be added).

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