Notice to iTunes Subscribers: New Link on iTunes for The Magic Word

I have fully migrated my page to Squarespace from the defunct Posterous. This has necessitated the transition of my podcasts on iTunes to a new link.

For those of you who are subscribed to The Magic Word on iTunes, please make sure that you are directed to the new link so you can download the latest podcasts. If the last one you see is "My Morning With Murray - Part Two" then you have the old link because there have been many podcasts uploaded since then. You can search the iTunes store (under "Podcasts") for The Magic Word or Scott Wells under Arts/Performing Arts to locate the feed. Or you can go to the site through the internet by visiting:

Please update your subscription today. And while you are there, I would sincerely appreciate your help by adding your comments and rating on my podcasts. In the transition to the new feed on iTunes, I lost all of the ratings and comments so I must begin anew. Your five star ratings and encouraging words for me to continue these free podcasts would be greatly appreciated.