Abbott's Get Together Day 2 - 2012

Although the schedule stated that Tom Mullica would be lecturing, he made it clear the night before while he was emceeing that he would not give a lecture. Now that Tom is regularly performing the Red Skelton Tribute in Branson, MO, he said he does not keep up with his magic skills so he felt that he could not give the type of lecture the registrants deserved. So his place was more than ably filled with Tina Lenert who talked about her character development. Mac King later that afternoon before the dealer's show and the cemetery tour.

But later that evening, I chatted with Steve Bryant, author of "Little Egypt Book of Ghosts" and the Little Egypt Gazette (, and The Rhythm of Magic, Michael and Jessica Blanco (, who will close the Saturday night show. At the Legion Hall after the show, I spoke with Tom Dobrowolski about the Chicago Magic Bash which he will host next year (November 2013); Gabe Fajuri, owner of Squash Publications ( and co-owner of Potter & Potter Auctions (, about his lecture on the history of Abbott's Magic Company, and finally with David Merry (, whom you may have read about in the April issue of MAGIC Magazine.

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