Bill Wisch Talks About Slydini and More

Quintino Marucci was a world renowned magician born in Foggia, Italy. He  first took the stage name of "Tony Foolem" and eventually changed it to  "Tony Slydini" or just "Slydini". Bill Wisch was fortunate to have spent many long hours studying with Slydini. Over the years there were many who took one or more lessons but Bill was one of his long standing students. Of course Bill has many stories about Slydini and he shares many of them in this podcast such as Slydini waiting in the rain and trying to get into the wrong car, the story behind his books, Tony's relationship with Dai Vernon, and Bill looking for Tony's underwear.

Towards the end of the podcast Bill talks about his "Magic Word"...Showmanship and how it relates to M.A.G.I.C. (Mystery, Action, Gratification, Involvement and Challenge) that helps make a person memorable long beyond their years. Fascinating stuff.

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