Colon Michigan - The Magic Capitol of the World

Colon  is trying to create more interest in the town and bring attention to the  area so it will forever be known as The Magic Capitol of the World. In  that regard, last summer the city inaugurated the Walk of Fame with solid  bronze stars on the sidewalk emblazoned with the names of magicians who have contributed to help make Colon the Magic Capitol is has become. If you are interested in having your  "Star" on the Walk of Fame, then visit and complete the application for their consideration. There you can also buy a banner that hangs from the lamp posts around town.

For  some time, residents and non-residents alike can buy plots in the local  cemetery where there are 28 magicians currently interred there, the  most magicians in any single burial the world. Also,   for a fraction of that cost, you can be recognized with a Brick with your name  and/or information engraved and placed in their part.The "Buy A Brick  Campaign" is designed to help raise money for beautifying the park. You  can download the PDF form HERE or contact Rick Fisher, owner and operator of FAB Magic,at or call him at  269-432-4017 and he will direct you to the right people.

I spoke with Rick about all this and more in a brief telephone chat that you might find interesting. Rick is also the President of the Downtown Development Authority and Co-Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission who reports to the town council as an entity under their umbrella.

Rick is organizing his 10th annual MagiCelebration in Colon from July 31  through August 3, 2013. This year he has expanded the convention beyond  the tent that was set up behind his shop. He will utilize the local  elementary school as well as the high school, both of which are air  conditioned. For more information and to register, you can visit: This convention is slated to begin a week before Abbott's Get Together (August 7-10, 2013). So if you want to be immersed in magic for two weeks, then this is the place.

Lots of great stuff in the very short podcast that you can hear here. Enjoy.

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