Daytona Festival of Magic Day One

We are in Daytona Beach for the 47th edition of the Florida magic convention. Although this is only the fifth (or sixth) year of combining the conventions between the Florida Magicians' Associaton (FMA) and Daytona Magic Shop's annual conflab. It ranks right up there with any other large regional convention for fun, surprises, cammaraderie and, oh yes...did I say fun? This is a really great way to see out the end of the magic convention season.

This episode of the Magic Word podcast features interviews with FMA President Dan Stapleton plus a few words from the FMA Secretary Simone Marron. We then talk with Irv Cook, the other partner at Daytona Magic Shop. We then go backstage with Geoff Williams and John Ekin. The late night talk is with Eric Buss and Geoff and Shelly Williams as we suggest names for Eric's unborn son. Perhaps you might have a name for young Mr. Buss. Suggestions will be appreciated. Post them here on the Magic Word.

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