Joe Givan & Carol Massie - Theatre of Dreams

While on a recent visit in Colorado, I had a chance to stop by Castle Rock to visit my good friends, Joe Givan and Carol Massie at their Theatre of Dreams. For the past few summers they have added a Wizards Camp to their regular schedule and I happened to catch them at the end of one of the camp days. We chatted with a couple of the students as well as Carol who told us a lot about the camp and its curriculum. Carol and Joe also gave us a look behind the creation and growth of the Theatre. The conversation veered off into several different directions including a short talk about their artist friend, Rodney Wood, whose art hangs on the walls of the threatre.

Our conversation was briefly but pleasantly "interrupted" with cell phone calls by Chip Romero and later by Oscar Munoz. Oscar called in to give an update on the I.B.M. contests from the recent convention in Norfolk, VA. As the Contest Chairman for the I.B.M. (and past winner of the Gold Cups), Oscar had a lot to say. And when combined with the comments from Joe Givan, another I.B.M. Gold Cup winner (as well as a F.I.S.M. winner), a lively conversation ensued. There is a lot of good advice in their conversation for people who want to compete as well as suggestions for being a better stage performer, too.

I am confident that you will enjoy this very unique podcast.

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