2011 M.A.E.S. - Day 2

Lots of stuff going on here and lots of fun. We start off the day with a quick recap of last night's festivities with Dick Swandby. Convention organizer, Marc DeSouza, chats with us about the M.A.E.S., the registration numbers and its rich history. David Oliver recaps his brush with death due to dove dust. Yes, dove dust and it was serious. The full details are in this month's Genii magazine, but hear it here first from his own mouth. Whew! We're glad that David is okay now. But this is a serious issue that affects more magicians than you might expect. Then we chat with S.A.M. President Vinny Grosso and Past President Mike Miller about some of the activities they have planned for the organization. And finally we talk with George Gee about his love for and allegiance to the M.A.E.S. This short conversation is what regional conventions are all about and why they need to survive.

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