2011 M.A.E.S. - Day 3

I started off the day talking with Will Fern about his show last night. What a talent! Then we chat with David Corsaro from http://www.timetobeawesome.com/ , one of the regular registrants but first time performers. Then we take a side trip to nearby Bayard's Chocolates that's located just right next door to the Crown Plaza Hotel. You can get additional information about Bayard's at http://www.bayardschocolates.com/  I must say that it is awesome and well worth the visit. While I was there, several local New Jersey residents stopped by just for a visit and some came to specifically to buy a particular type of chocolate.

Next up is a chat with some of the youth who competed in the contests. We hear from 15 year old Alex Boyce, 17 year old Ian Flinn and 17 year old Bill Boyce with their thoughts on developing a competition act, attending conventions and magic camps. After the evening show we go back in the dealer room where we have a lively conversation with Adele Friel-Rhinedress who talks about her best selling book, "The Elusive Moth" and her experience with working the Blackstone, Senior's "1001 Wonders Magic Show". And finally we chat with Jan Goodsell, SYM overseer and SAM Past President, who talks about the young magicians. Also heard in this interview is Eric Decamps who happened to be sitting nearby and threw in his two cents.

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