Magic Theater in Chicago

During the week of Tuesday February 28th through March 5th I visited Chicago theaters where magic is featured with my friend and host, Don Wiberg. On tap for the week included seeing: “The Magic Cabaret”, “Supernatural Chicago”, “Death and Harry Houdini”, and “Short Guys with Glasses.”

We begin with a half hour chat with David Parr and PT Murphy after The Magic Cabaret show at the Greenhouse Theatre Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Avenue. This was an interesting insight into how they found the venue and gave us some suggestions on how one could create their own theatrical show in their community. They also discussed the importance of scripting and routining a full evening show and the importance of establishing both their characters and a relationship with their audience. You can find them at or on Facebook at www.Facebook/magiccabaret

Neil Tobin just completed his eighth year with his one man evening show, Supernatural Chicago at the Excalibur Nightclub, 632 N. Dearborn. Neil talked with Scott about the creation of the show and how it has developed over time. This is not a séance but really more of a historical perspective of the strange and bizarre side of Chicago including lots of interesting stories. He weaves in a lot of interactive effects that complement the stories and help make them…well, come alive, if you will. You can find more information on this show at or on Facebook at www.Facebook/supernaturalchicago

Dennis Watkins, star of “Death and Harry Houdini” is wowing audiences and critics alike at the Chopin Theater, 1543 W. Division. You can catch this play now through April 15, 2012. It will travel to Florida for a a five week run soon thereafter. Hear more from Dennis as he discusses the development of this highly acclaimed musical. To read the review from the Chicago Tribune, visit: For more information on the theater, visit: or for info on Dennis’ exciting new venue for his one man parlor magic show, visit:

After that matinee we visited the Jasper Theatre in the back of Magic, Inc., 5082 N. Lincoln Avenue, for the evening production of “Two Guys with Glasses” featuring John Sturk and Tomas Medina. Before the show began I ran into a long time friend who was also visiting Chicago, Bizzaro. We taped a short interview before we were ushered into the theatre. During intermission I spoke with the owner of Magic, Inc. and co-producer of the evening’s show, Sandy Marshall. Sandy and I spoke about an upcoming, off-Broadway show in New York City he will be producing this coming June: "Max Maven Thinking in Person". After the show I spoke with the stars, John and Tomas about the development of this production.

I think you will enjoy this one hour podcast that focuses on magic that is now playing (or “then” playing) in Chicago.

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