My Morning with Murray - Part Two

After a short break in our convesation which gave us time to take a comfort break and refresh our drinks, Murray Hatfield and I returned to the Golden T.M.W. Microphone to resume our discussion. The bulk of this second and final part of our chat focused on the current state of the brick-and-mortar magic shop business and it's future.

Seven years ago Murray purchased the magic shop from Tony Eng in Vancouver, British Columbia. He changed its name from Tony's Trick and Joke Shop to (guess what?) Murray's Trick and Joke Shop. It is strategically located in a high traffic, tourist area of Vancouver; however, with the advent of more people finding magic on the internet, he may soon have to close its doors. He has some definite opinions on what's going on with all brick-and-mortar shops regardless of whether they are located in the U.S. or Canada or any other country.

You can learn more about Murray's Trick and Joke Shop at on his website at You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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