Part 2 - The End of the World/Year Podcast

  We pick up in this Part Two with diverse conversations with four knowledgeable magicians. You can hear our chats at the following time marks:

00:00:00 – Jon Armstrong, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Academy of Magical Arts talks about the Magic Castle’s history, the recent changes since the fire, its rise in membership and current state of affairs.

00:22:19 – Shawn Farquhar discusses cruise ships. Not stories from the sea, but what’s happening with the cruise industry now and where it’s headed as it directly relates to magicians.

00:34:48 – Tim Trono was with Murphy’s Magic and now works with Penguin Magic. He talks from his perspective about online retail magic sales versus brick and mortar shops, the importance of having a good looking website, and the evolution of “one trick downloads”.

00:52:33 – Murray SawChuck gives us the “Vegas Buzz” plus what it takes to “make it” in Las Vegas and how to compete in a city that has 120 competing shows a night.


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