Peter McLanachan - Straight Shooter

From Glasgow, Scotland, Peter McLanachan, is one of the relatively unknown (at least in the U.S.), underground card guys whom you should know. Peter has been coming over for the annual Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic (F.F.F.F.) for a number of years. This year he arrived a little early to launch a U.S. lecture tour. But aside from devoting time to card magic, he also has a keen interest in pool and billiards. He walks softly but carries a pool stick.

Peter mentioned in the podcast how much he enjoyed Gamarjobat and promised to share this link to their video.

Peter talks about and shares advice from Roy Walton, how Roy arrived in Scotland and how he influenced Peter's life. He also talks about Roy's magic shop as well as the state of brick and mortar magic shops in the U.K. Peter discusses the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the plethora of shows that one might see there.

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Magic & Martinis' Thursday

Enjoying a single malt in honot of my Scottish friend.

Enjoying a single malt in honot of my Scottish friend.