The Lost Episodes, Nov. 17, 2010 - Part One: Magical Midwestern Mystery Tour: Don Wiberg talks about his experience aboard David Sandy's aborted Magic Cruise

During the past few years I have been a regular contributor to The Magic Newswire. I have posted convention reviews and irregular updates of some of my magical adventures. Over the past year due to time constraints of the producer of The Magic Newswire, several of my episodes have gotten pushed back until they were no longer timely; however, they are still no less relevant and (I think) interesting. I have chatted with several people whose opinions, outlooks and philosophies are important and who deserve a public platform.

That said, I will be posting several episodes here that were recorded for The Magic Newswire but are part of the "Lost Episodes". This first podcast was recorded on November 17, 2010. It is my  arrival to Chicago and interview with I.B.M. International Past President and current International Secretary, Don Wiberg. He had just returned from David Sandy's "Magic Cruise" that was aborted after the first day. He provides a positive and interesting perspective.

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