The Lost Episodes, Nov. 19-22, 2010: Magic Show, Museum & Magic Shops around Chicago

Come along with me as I watch a magic show then visit with the performers in Elmhurst, IL. Steve Chezaday and Paul Lee star in this intimate event. Then right next door was the Elmhurst Historical Museum that featured a look at magic and magicians in and around Chicago over the past 50+ years. Then we take a visit to Uncle Fun's (a gag and prank shop) then travel to a real brick and mortar magic shop, Midwest Magic where we chat with owner, Tim Felix. From there we drive over to Magic, Inc. and talk with Sandy Marshall where he discusses the biographical book he wrote about his father, Jay Marshall, "Beating a Dead Horse". And of course we stop for some food along the way. After all, November 21st was my birthday!

Time stamps for this podcast: 

00:00:09 - Heading to Elmhurst to see a magic show

00:01:00 - chat with Steve Chezaday as he is setting up for his stage show, sans illusions

00:05:00 - Paul Lee talks about his life and magic

00:10:04 - a visit with Rosemary and Richard, docents at the Elmhurst Historical Museum as we discuss the magic exhibit in their museum.

00:19:08 - Tim Felix, proprietor of Midwest Magic in Franklin Park, a brick-and-mortar shop, talks about his shop and how long it has been in business

00:24:45 - Flat Top Grill for my birthday breakfast with my wife, Kathy, and Don & Joyce Wiberg. Join me for my birthday today!

00:25:55 - Uncle Fun's Magic & Prank Shop. Wow, a fun place with tons of weird and unusual crap, uh, I mean, cool stuff. 

00:27:21 - Sandy Marshall discusses his "new" book about his father, "Beating a Dead Horse - The Life and Times of Jay Marshall"
 Sandy and Don Wiberg gives us some great stories from the book. Great interview and lovely chat.

00:48:32 - quick wrap-up of my Magical Midwestern Mystery Tour and all the sights and sounds I experienced. Oh, and I also gave a "shout out" to a fantastic chocolate factory called Albanese in Hobart, Indiana. 

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