Trixie Bond at Chateau du Magique

Trxie Bond was described by Elizabeth Warlock as the "best children's show entertainer in the world." She wsa on the cover of MAGIC Magazine and the subject of a feature article in the June 2002 issue. She has won countless awards and performed and lectured around the world on children's entertainment. Her passion and expertisse has afforded her the chance to not only meet but also to be one of the celebrities in our craft. She has achieved excellence in every aspect of performing, lecturing, creating and much more.

Trixie is now in semi-retirement in Burnet, Texas where she lives with her husband, Mark, and their Schnauzer dog, Dante, along the banks of the Colorado river.There she contemplates the next phase of her life and where magic will take her. I recorded an interview with Trixie which you can listen to here on The Magic Word. In the meantime, I thought you would enjoy taking a peek into just part of her lovely home which I call "Chateau du Magique".

This eight bedroom, two story home on the river is filled with magic memorabilia, but there is still a warehouse filled with more that has not yet been displayed.

Each bedroom has its own character and design. My wife and I stayed in the oriental room (I call the "Chung Ling Soo Suite") but the one pictured below is the "Sheik of Araby" bedroom.
Her downstairs dining table remains festively decorated with magic and Texas flag themed settings.
Every magician has his or her "bric-a-brac" of magic collectibles and framed photos, but Trixie has everything perfectly displayed. This table of magical artifacts (pictured below) sits at the landing at the top of the 20 granite steps to the upper level.

This is the second story magic lounge. Notice the bar to the left and the ample seating area to the back of the room and the dining table to the right. Of particular importance, notice the stained glass windows to the left and right of the magic fireplace chimney with Kellar on the left and Dante on the right. Also, if you look closely, you will see a permanent patron firmly affixed to a chair at the bar.

You are never drinking alone at Chateau du Magique. Zelda Rose Martini always sits with a permanent smile and a spongeball martini in hand.
This is a better view of the sitting area to the left of the bar.
For more pictures, please watch and enjoy the short video below from Chateau du Magique.