Hype for Houdini Seance

Harry would have been proud of all the publicity raised for the annual seance in Ft. Worth, Texas. There were several newspaper articles, blogs, television news and feature reports that helped to hype this event. It was a true media blitz.

There were two full, front page, full color features in the weekend editions of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram leading up to the seance. The Cutting Edge News also had a nice report on the upcoming event. Arthur Moses was interviewed in his home by WFAA-TV Channel 8 on Good Morning Texas in a clip that toured part of his collection. There was another video tour of Arthur's collection taped by CBS-DFW Channel 11 that takes you into other parts of the collection not seen in the previous clip. These videos may be as close as most will ever get to seeing his private museum.

The funny thing about that link to the last video is that their website refers to Sid Radner rather than Bill Radner "actually trying to talk with Harry Houdini". Since Sid has been deceased for well over a year, I suspect he has no trouble talking with him now whenever he wants.

In case you have problems linking to the above videos, you can view them here. This first video ran on CBS-DFW Channel 11 about a week before the Houdini Seance and features a look both upstairs and downstairs at some of the artifacts in the Arthur Moses collection.

This second news clip was also taped at the home of Arthur Moses and ran on the morning of the Seance on the Good Morning Texas program on WFAA Channel 8.