Magi-Fest 2011 - Day Two from the file of "Lost Episodes"

January 28th and it's Day Two of the 80th Magi-Fest. Come along with me as we go into the Dealers' Room and enjoy an "off-the-cuff", funny and informative chat with David Williamson and Rick Merrill. The synergistic energy of these two guys is just out of this world. We then have a much more serious conversation with Joanie Spina who talks about directing and choreographing magic acts plus some of her time with David Copperfield. We also have a brief chat with one of her students, David Malachor. She has done so much for helping and improving many of the top acts today. Back in the Dealers' Room I have a chat with Greg Bordner talking about Abbotts Get Together, the genesis of Abbotts plus Harry Blackstone and more.

We then walk over to the booth where Jim Steinmeyer is signing his new book, The Last Greatest Magician in the World, a biography about Howard Thurston. As with all of Jim's books, it is a most fascinating read. We also chat with Jim about some of his consulting with Broadway theatrical productions.

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