Magi-Fest 2011 - Day Three from the file of "Lost Episodes"

In this longer and final podcast from the Magi-Fest, we start with a walk through many of the prized items from the Thurston museum displayed at the convention. We were thrilled to have Rory Feldman, the owner and curator give us a private tour telling us about some of the special pieces.

Before the evening show we chat with Ohio resident, Marv Leventhal about his involvement with The Minotaur magazine and the last issue now available on DVD. Another Ohio boy, Kerry Pollock also tells us about his recent projects around the world including maybe something with David Copperfield. After the show we talk with the "Man on the Street" while everyone was waiting in line for the bus to take everyone back to the hotel.

Back in the hotel bar we chat with one of the evening show performers, Boris Wild about the show and FISM. Asi Wind talks about his "insane" schedule of performances for the registrants at the convention plus other types of clients he works for and places he works, plus mentalists in Israel. Gregory Wilson and Asi both talk about many theoretical aspects of our craft. This should be required listening for aspiring and seasoned magicians.Then as the night goes on I ran into David Kaplan who chats about the Magi-Fest. He lives in the local area so he just happened to drop in for a little while.

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