Danny Archer - On Target

Danny Archer sat down for a nice chat during his recent lecture tour.  Danny is another one of the really nice guys in magic who has a  creative mind and an excellent head for business. Here he talks about  his Magicians' Lecture Network that he used to run. Danny and his  business partner, Robert Allen, were the ones who also put together LVMI  (Las Vegas Magic Invitational) and later the Coin-vention (a one time  event) which were the progenitors to the MINDvention (which will be coming up in Las Vegas on November 11-13, 2012).

Danny  regularly performs at two high end restaurants in Vail, Colorado. He  alternates with magician Dan Fleshman appearing one week at the Vail Chophouse and the following week at the Beaver Creek Chophouse. He talked a little about how he and Dan Fleshman got that engagement.

Danny  talked about the development of his performing character, Gino  Mozzarella, and how important it is to have a separate character so you  can book additional shows. The insight he shares on this subject are  fascinating and a "must hear" for any magician who is looking tor an  additional stream of revenue.

At around 38 minutes into this  podcast, Danny also shared the secret of a great little impromptu  mentalism effect using your business cards. This drawing duplication  effect is called "Drawn Again" that is straight from his lecture and  explained here on The Magic Word.

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