Day 2 - MINDvention 2012 in Las Vegas, NV

It was a full day of activities...kind of. Tony Chris's lecture was  cancelled due to a travel issue that prevented his attendance at this  year's MINDvention, so no alternate activity was substituted. The  organizers decided not to fill in the open spot with any fill-ins as  they felt this would give more time to the registrants to take a  breather and have more time together and for the dealers, too. Since I  was a little late in arriving to the convention on Sunday due to my own  travel problems, I was pleased to see and hear Allison Campbell give her  lecture a second time on the "Do's and Don'ts of Trade show Mentalism".

My  first chat of the day was in the Dealers' Room with Jheff who talked  about some of his new products. You can see more at I was then able to corner Eric  Dittelman, one of the finalists in the "America's Got Talent" show and a  first time attendee at the MINDvention. He is a delightful young man  who talked about his experience on network television and how it changed  his life. Next I spoke with John Staiff, a parapsychologist, who talked  about the paradigm shift in the spirit world. I think I'm going to have  to listen to this one a couple times myself to fully digest all the  information he talked about here.

I went back to the Dealer's Room  where I chatted with another first time attendee, Kenton Knepper who  told me about his association with Jeff McBride and the origins of his  "Wonder Words". Af'ter the evening's "Masters of Mentalism" gala show, I  talked with co-producer, Robert Allen, about his history in Las Vegas  and his association with Danny Archer. There are a lot of good stories  in this episode and quite a variety of friends talking about their  unique interests. You'll definitely enjoy this one.

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