F.F.F.F. 2012 - Day Four

April 28, 2012 - This final day is jam packed with two hours of material; some fun, some funny, some serious and some with some great advice and lessons, but all worth hearing. We started off with a chat in the Dealer's Room with Will Houstoun and John van der Put ("Piff the Magic Dragon") from the U.k. From there we moved over a few booths to Patrick Przysiecki's booth where we talked with him and one of the other registrants,  Gene Gordon. In the Dealer's Room was MVP (Most Valuable Person of the  convention) Denis Behr, from Germany. You must visit his website at  http://archive.denisbehr.de to discover his totally awesome archive and  database of searchable books online. We had a delightful discussion  with Mark Mason (from JB Magic) and Charlie Randall (formerly of H&R  Magic Books). As mentioned earlier, this convention marked the debut of  the new F.F.F.F. book that Charlie published.

After the show we  went to the Room (formerly the Precursor Suite) to get some random  reactions from a sampling of registrants (including Shawn Farquhar) of their highlights from the  convention. We also got a few excerpts from Soma's lecture on using music in your show. He gave some advice on websites for royalty-free music and sound effects. We also chatted with Ed Eckl, one of the orginal creators  and publishers of The Precursor magazine. I then had a chance to have a  quiet chat with the two guys who closed the final night gala, Steve  Bargatze and Rick Merrill who talked about their careers and creativity.

We then went back to "The Room" to chat with Shawn Farquhar, Geoff Williams and Peter McLanachan, from Scotland, for some more comments and fun. Boris Wild closed out the night with excerpts from his lecture that  included invaluable advice that every magician should hear regardless of  skill level. Thanks goes to Geoff Williams helped with the questions for this  interview. If you can only listen to part of this podcast, this last 20 minutes is gold.


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