F.F.F.F. 2012 - Day Two

The convention got underway officially today with a full day (and night) of magic lectures and shows. I sat down to chat with Marc DeSouza who turned on his recorder as we did a little "dueling podcasts" since he is reporting on this convention for www.MagicOnTheSide.com Also sitting around us in the lobby was Marv Leventhal, Raj Madhok and Chris Hannibal. I chatted with Glenn Brown in the registration room about the numbers plus he told us about the fantastic electronic program he prepared for this year's convention. For those who would like to see it, the document will be posted until the end of the convention at https://public.me.com/magimac (the password is F3ct3rs).

First timer, Francis Menotti shared a bit of what he is up to in the magic consulting business plus what it's like for someone attending the F.F.F.F. convention for the first time. Christian and Katalina talked a little about their experience here this year. Then I started the recording a little late into my conversation with Shawn Farquhar talking about cruise ship stories.

I know you will enjoy today's podcast.

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