Midwest Magic Jubilee Day 3 Podcast

St. Charles, Missouri (a suburb of St Louis) is the headquarters for the International Brotherhood of Magicians. This final day podcast began with a conversation with the I.B.M. office secretary, Sindie Richison, and Past International President (P.I.P.), Mike Stratman who is also the I.B.M. Convention Co-Chairman. Don Wiberg, another P.I.P. as well as serving as the International Secretary, joined us for a conversation on what's happening at the Headquarters and with the 2013 convention in Phoenix.

Losander closed the Saturday evening gala show then chatted with us at his dealer booth about his show, creating new levitation effects and how to add music to your act. And to conclude the podcast and wrap up the convention, we finished with a chat with Terry Richison.


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