Part 1 - The "Official" Houdini Seance in Ft. Worth, Texas 2012

As we prepared for the seance, I arrived in Ft. Worth on Tuesday October 30th where I first stopped by Magic, Etc. Ft. Worth Costume to talk with its owner, Derek Kennedy (co-producer of the seance) and Ash Adams (MC for the seance). I was fortunate to have the time to chat with these gentlemen especially since they were in the final two days of their busiest part of the year, Halloween. Downstairs was abuzz with customers buying last minute costumes, make-up, and assorted props. But upstairs in the office, all was calm as we talked about the upcoming seance and all the preparations.

I then had the distinct honor and privilege to be a guest in the home of noted Houdini collector, Arthur Moses (co-producer of the seance). Arthur has over 4,500 Houdini items in his astonishing collection. To see a news segment on WFAA-TV that features an interview and a walk-through of part of his collection, Click Here. This was but one of the many news clips and articles that helped promote the seance. You can read a newspaper account of the upcoming seance in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram by Clicking Here. I believe Houdini would have been proud of all the publicity that was garnered for this production.

Another guest in Arthur's home was John Cox, noted Houdini historian and blogger of all things Houdini at I chatted with Arthur and John about the upcoming seance and you can sense our excitement in this podcast.

Later that evening at a BBQ dinner hosted in Arthur's home for the "Seance Circle of Friends" (as I like to call them), I chatted with Bill Radner who is the successor to the ownership of many Houdini's personal artifacts that was passed down to Hardeen then to Bill's father, Sid Radner.

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