Midwest Magic Jubilee Day 2 Podcast

On the first full day of fun at the Midwest Magic Jubilee, I chatted with the guys who are the heartbeat of all conventions...the registration desk. I spoke with Larry Skorepa, Gerald Collins and Daniel Todd. I caught up with the President, Terry Richison, for his perspective of how things were going and some of the hurdles he had to overcome for this year's convention. During an interval in the close-up contest, I opened the microphone to get a perspective from some of the registrants. During an evening soiree, I chatted with Scott Alexander and Ferrell Dillon. Scott talked about his experience on "America's Got [sic] Talent". While were on the topic of television and "reality" shows, I then turned the wandering microphone to Andrew Martin who was featured along with his family on the network series, "Wife Swap". I think you'll enjoy these chats.

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